A New Tea Experience

A Trip in a Sip

Ante. is a new tea and lifestyle brand
that dares to be different.
We believe in pushing things forward
and challenging the status quo.


Blacker Berry

Blacker Berry

black tea

Powerful + Fruity

Strawberry + Lemon + Mint

Sunday Candy

Sunday Candy

red tea

Candy-like + Sweet

Lemon + Strawberry + Mint

Ultralight Green

Ultralight Green

green tea

Light + Mild

Apple + Orange + Lemon + Mint

Shake Things Up

Hoody Black Orange Jack Orange Jacket Cap and Shirt

Merchandise is exclusively available
in-store in our Greenbelt 5 location.


Come Sip with Us

We seek those who share our tastes. Think
we could mix fresh sips for you in your turf,
party, or event? Come and holler at us.



Get in touch with us and let’s shake things up.